The Mentalist - Meet Cute

A Jane/Lisbon one shot series // Various ratings up to P14
Complete story as PDF file available at the bottom of the page.
Disclaimer: This masterpiece of a TV show, The Mentalist, unfortunately wasn't my idea. The lucky man who has every right to pad himself on the shoulder is Bruno Heller, as the show belongs to him, Paramount Television and CBS.
Author's Note: This series was inspired by the mention/description of a "meet cute" in the movie "The Holiday". Another definition as the one in the summary, by the way, is: scenario in which two individuals are brought together in some unlikely, zany, destined-to-fall-in-love-and-be-together-forever sort of way.
This won't be an overly romantic one shot series, but hopefully it will be fluffy. I know the definition says otherwise, but we all agree that Teresa and Patrick are not yet ready for a relationship, don't we?


Contents: The problem with family was that they made you do things you didn't like to do. She hated shopping for dresses and if she had to do it, she rather did it alone. Unfortunately, life didn't always play as she wanted it to.


Coffee Shop

Contents: It was her personal routine, something she needed to do every morning. It was where she collected strength for the day. It was her little secret hiding place. Or so she had thought.


Family Routines

Contents: There were two beings in her life she would always love unconditionally. But she also had the curious feeling that sometime soon, there could be a third.


"Step By Step"

Contents: As the one who grew up with two brothers and as the one who looks small, but has become the tough police woman and CBI agent, dancing wasn't on the top of her list of things she liked to do. Or wanted to learn.



Contents: She felt somehow lost in the crowds of such places like this fair. So she did the only thing she could think of to flee the masses of people without leaving the fair. And unexpectedly, she found herself in the company of a special person.



Contents: A long weekend with a lot of self-pampering - that was her plan when she came home this wednesday. The weather promised to be perfect, and the beach was waiting. She didn't know that there was also someone waiting to find her on that beach.