Supernatural - On Gossamer Wings

Author: CK
Rating: P18 / NC-17

Castiel Shurley is an angel. Yes, angel - because that's what flight attendants of 8th Heaven Jetways are called. Sky Angels. Flying is Castiel's freedom. Boarding a plane, working above the clouds, to him it's like spreading his wings. Lifting off and leaving the world behind - how could anyone not enjoy it? Castiel doesn't understand how there are people who rather stay on the ground.
It's almost ironic that he should fall in love with someone who fears flying more than anything else.

Mild mentions of homophobia (past)

I don't want to take anything away from Kripke Enterprises and Warner Bros. Television. Just borrowing their genius creation.

Author's Note:
My DCBB 2015 entry. It's also my first time participating, and things didn't go all smoothly,
so I'm really glad I can, after all, post this.
I'd like to thank Lotta for her input; as I'd like a person who will not be named now for their support :)
Unfortunately, due to some RL problems, I didn't have a beta in the end, so if there's anyone who'd like (and be so kind) to claim that position, I'd be more than happy and thankful and will even try to offer cookies. And hot chocolate.
Now, for the most important thing: The art. Huge thanks to BOWANDBOW for the beautiful drawings which you'll find in the story, as well as here.

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