Star Trek Voyager - In Another Past

CK (DrLizThirose) - co-authored by Spooky

Rating: P18 / NC-17

Sometimes, lost memories seized those who were never supposed to know the truth about the horrors of another past.

Has definitely a dark edge. Some may see non-consensual sex in one scene,
but I like to point out that this is not what happens.

All paramount, nothing mine. Also, the characters imo belong to the actresses and actors
because it was them who brought them to life.

Author's Note:
This starts at the end of Year Of Hell. To make the events in this story possible, I had to take it AU,
meaning that this would play between YOH and Random Thoughts, but within a much longer stretch of time.
As it says above, this story was co-authored by my very good friend Spooky. She helped me A LOT with this story, therefore
I felt that just naming her as beta reader wouldn't be enough. I was stuck several times and maneuvered myself into some
dead ends, but luckily, with her help I always found a way out. Plus, she loves Year Of Hell just like I do, so this
story is also dedicated to her.
Lots of love to you, hun!

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